What is Ape Beverages?
Ape Beverages is the first collectible, sustainable water beverage crafted for the Web3 community and beyond. Ape highlights the most creative and innovative thought leaders on the can through limited edition drops. Ape Water holds the highest quality water and drinking experience wrapped into a minimal carbon footprint.
What is inside Ape Water ?
Ape Water is 100% fresh natural spring water. Our water is canned straight from Mt. Shasta, one of the world's highest quality natural springs. (read more about the water here)
What are the benefits of drinking Ape Water?
Not just a sexy shell, Ape Water believes beauty starts from the inside out. That’s why we traveled to the Root Chakra of the Earth to source our water. (read more about our water here). You are truly experiencing what the Berkeley Institute 2014 regarded as “the best tasting water in the world”. Humans are 60% water so why not give yourself the best? You deserve it! The science: PH etc BEN INSERT MINERAL PROFILE AND ALL THE DATA STUFF HERE.
Where can I buy Ape Water?
Ape Water is available on our website as well as selected participating retailers and events. Have a suggestion on where Ape should be next? Please let us know HERE To keep up with and find out where Ape Water will be, follow our social media accounts.
What is the PH Balance of Ape Water?
Ape Water's natural-made alkaline level is 7.5
What forms of payment are accepted?
We accept Ape Coin, Ethereum, Bitcoin and if need be all major credit cards and paypal (You’re welcome Elon)
How do I get involved with Ape Beverages?
We love to meet and collaborate with Apes of all backgrounds. Please contact us at Hello@apebeverages.com
What is the customer support contact?
Do you ship internationally?
Unfortunately we currently are ONLY shipping to the United States.