Ape Water is available both on our website and at select retailers. You can purchase Ape Water through our website by purchasing a subscription to our water program. A limited number of Ape Water cases are available each week at select retailers. To keep up with where and when Ape Water will be available each week, follow our social media accounts.

Ape Water is 100% natural pure spring water. Our water is sourced and canned straight from locally sourced Natural Springs. 

Ape Water's natural-made alkaline level flows between 6.5 & 7.5 as we source direct from nature with no extra additives, so it will vary for each of our batches, but our PH is considered perfect as nature intended, with no additives to increase PH as thats just not APE. 

Contact our support team here :)

All major credit cards are accepted as well as Ethereum. 

How can I get Ape Water at my event, organization, office, or store?

Please send your inquiry to ape@apebeverages.com :)

How do I get involved with Ape Beverages?

Please contact at ape@apebeverages.com

What is the customer support contact?


Do you ship internationally? 

We currently are ONLY shipping to the United States.

Can I skip a shipment?