Drink the Future: Roadmap

Ape Beverages is redefining the world’s relationship with water. Much more than just the best water on Earth in a funny can; Ape beverages is positively changing the world for future generations.

How it all started.

It was the age of wisdom... The age of foollishness...

An unkown force brought our first Ape to a magical land.

The land of Ape Water.

The waters of Mount Shasta

Canned at the source, our water embarks on a 60 year journey down the peaks of Mount Shasta before it is ready to become Ape Water.

Snow & ice melt filters through travels through deep crystal caves filtering into a perfect mineral profile and alkalinity. Perfectly naturally alkalized. Don't believe us?

Our Pure Spring Water is sourced, manufactured & filled in the United States of America.

9,772 ft
14,179 ft


(n.) an individual who is all in and united with other like minded individuals for a positive future

“Ape into sustainability.”
“Ape into change.”
“Ape into the future.”

  • Ape is creator
  • Ape is Leader
  • Ape lead with love
  • Ape create positive change
  • Ape is guardian
  • Ape guardian of Mother Earth
  • Ape take action
  • Ape lead by example
  • Ape protect other ape
  • Ape body a temple